Excellence is not a goal; it’s a requirement.     

We design your sustainable energy system so that today, tomorrow, and decades from now, you’ll be saying, “This is one of the best choices I ever made.” And, we intend to always be proud that our name is associated with your system.

Your needs control the system design.

Xxxx we are totally independent, not married to any product, we have no affiliations which would influence our recommendations. Everything we do is for you. Xxxx

You get hassle-free energy generation.

You want a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to your current power source. You don’t want to become an electrical engineer. We get that. Our collective experience in energy generation – over 45 years - and use of only Tier 1 products *guarantees [not sure if we want to use this word]* a satisfying transition for you.

We are local.

You are our neighbors.  xxx xxxx

Let us restore the earth together.

It’s a very wonderful world that we have and we want to pass this beautiful planet on to future generations. We have the knowledge and resources to restore this earthly home for all and we at Wind and Solar affirm that stewardship is part of our purpose.


We offer turn-key solutions for those homes and businesses wishing to take advantage of Solar Photovoltaic Energy through net-metering. We've been perfecting the process of delivering wind and solar energy solutions to our customers since we first opened our doors in 2006. 

Our Main office in Lancaster, Pennsylvania serves residential and commercial customers in the entire state. We are also  proud to serve commercial customers in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Delaware. 

We have been helping our customers make renewable energy a reality since our company was founded in 2006.

Since we installed our first Renewable Energy Systems in 2006, we have delivered hundreds of Wind and Solar energy systems to our customers.


Our in-house Sales, Design, Engineering, and Installation process allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality renewable energy systems.

We are committed to a future where consumers have more control to choose clean power sources to meet their needs.

As one of Pennsylvania's oldest Renewable Energy providers, we have been leading the industry with the knowledge and experience that will provide you with a high quality and customized solution for your home, and provide the highest return for your investment.


As independent installers, Wind and Solar LLC can help you sift through the product information available in order to allow you to distinguish between those features that will ultimately be important for your system’s design and performance, and those that are purely manufacturer’s hype.

We only deal with the top tier of equipment manufacturers and can provide a wide selection of panels and inverters. When you purchase a system from us, you can be assured of having gotten the best equipment at the best price with the best service. 

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